How to Group FaceTime

How to Group FaceTime

Group FaceTime calls take normal FaceTiming to the next level and provides video and audio calls with up to 32 people. A 3-way Group FaceTime call — or one with five, 10, or more people — shows the participants in small boxes on the screen. When someone talks or when you select their tile, it becomes larger to make it easier to see. Starting a FaceTime call with multiple people is really easy, and there are multiple ways to do it: from the Messages app, FaceTime app, and FaceTime program on a Mac.

How to Group FaceTime on a Mac

Creating a Group FaceTime call from a Mac is extremely easy. From the FaceTime program, search for the people you want to call (using their name, email, or phone number), then select either Video or Audio to start either Group FaceTime call. Like on iPhone and iPad, Mac users can initiate a Group FaceTime call from Messages, too, via the conversation's Details screen.

Group FaceTime Alternatives

If your device doesn't support FaceTime calls or won't start a Group FaceTime video or audio call, there are alternative apps that support group calling.

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Some work on Android, Windows, macOS, iOS, and other platforms, and they're usually cross-platform, meaning that someone with an Android tablet, for example, can call another person with a Windows or iOS device. Facebook Messenger: See up to 6 people at once, but include up to 250. Google Hangouts: Group calls limited to 10 people. Snapchat: Group calls limited to 16 people. Skype: Group calls limited to 50 people. Viber: Group calls limited to 5 people. WeChat: Group calls limited to 9 people.

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